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Black Lodge

by Lolfa Binc

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Adda 05:29
adda / Taranon I mae'r adda dan gadarn goncrit geirdarddiad y llif; twf tonnau fi, penswigen ar fws— chwarter cwsg gammy braidd - sbïo gwnaeth 'jamp' ysgawen o blith wydr ymhlith plisgyn 'ieith' dadgladdaist y gyffelybiaeth o'r “badau a dynnir gan geffylau” y gair dan y gair llinellau aneglur yn ngaeffos fy ngarddwrn caethiwyd gwaed glesni ac ymbelydredd trenau yn suo dros glawdd unsyth-rydd is-fyd danddearfyd dim ond ansoddeiriau sych ar gwlithder d'enw II gwasgarwn synnwyr mewn corneli cudd y gogledd gwela’ gambr maen a cherrig dŵr yn drwm ar y glust sibryda' geiriau disyml - llanw ar enw cytbwys dwy ‘a ‘ dwy ‘dd’ wnaeth bechu am ein siopa neu ein pechaduriaid, âf adra o hel trugareddau adda drawsffurfiwyd at Taranon ymhen draw braich dur tre heb afon, arallfydol di gallon pensaernïaeth Mae’r Adda dan gadarn goncrit geirdarddiad y gwir; tŵf tonnau.
Id 07:46
Lyrics inspired from Poem by Rhys Trimble: Megaist ofn mil myidd mcgis Dyfnwal Moelmud, Mal awch awyr taran nawmil a chwarterud; Miloedd ni'th arhoent mewn ymladd o tharawud, Mwy na adar yn y man y llidud. Ni bu wayw a chalon i fab ochelud ; Ni bu lewach calon, ni bu lai awch cilud ; Ni bu gawr a safn wyneb y gaer y safud ; Ni bu'n oes y cewri un byw nus curud, Neu belydr nas arhocst ni bu Icidr nas rhestud : Ni bu leisiau gloywor. na blisiau a glowud ; Ni bu o'r oes bon wyncbwr wcdl ci sud ; Ni bu'f gwr a wnelai er bwrw'r gwyr a wnelud ; Ni bu i'n oes hyd hyn | un bwa nas tynud (1) ; Ni bu vr a fwriai'i- un bar a arferud ; Ni bu lien Syr Hywel na neb nas arhoud ; Ni bu vn er teir oes, ni bu wayw nas torrud.
Like a Star 06:18
cut-up with flowers when i signal my love is occasionally cylindric ferrulate bare foot music lanceolate wet meadows swimming where your waters were deep taxales of dogwood & stonecrop alternifolium a spreading star of loving or sleeping in every bed that offered subsidiary feathers deeply pinnate a bonfire ossuary sepulcher i will speak to you of black horehound calyxes funnel shaped well-spaced whorls of my love is pink-brown, massively branched spright, hairy corollaeate oval leaved waist-like, enclosed in spate pinnatified & segmental enlarged into a sheath blackish, rigid, forward pointing tapered, remarkably vigourous ovule-borne, shoot & foliage speckled, grooved, short in dense pubescence, glabrous shaggy, pale, shiny-grey mucronate, slender acuminale terminal budded, domed, stringy sided sessile clustered, long boled, short boled angled & winged, fruit golden slowflowing, inlorescen grass-like, glass like uch branched, tiny, clustered bud-dark, brown, semi-evergreen common in streets & gardens a fine sight in fruit pendulous, resinous outlined unusually scale-tipped highshowing, drooping, tubular spoon shaped, like a star


released June 16, 2017

Rhys Trimble Poet and vocalist
Tom Harrison Bass
Emma Sunerton-Burl Drums
Mixed and produced by Dave at Creative-Mixing.com


all rights reserved



Lolfa Binc Wales, UK


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